online brochure of L1danceFest 2015

L1 Association was established unofficially in 1998, and officially in 2002. Our group was very unique thanks to our democratic working methods. After 9 years, we decided to implement changes. We invited artists from other art fields (especially contemporary art), since we believed this would enhance greater mutual respect and sharpen our focus, enabling us to remain up-to-date and become more open to new ideas.
The primary activity of the association has been from the very beginning to organize an annual contemporary dance festival called L1danceFest, based in Budapest, Hungary.
We have recognized an increasing interest for activities offering the possibility of participation and creative involvement. From all our previous experiences we have learned that there is a growing need for more engaging, invigorating and more co-operative new projects. These are the motivating forces of our future activities.
From 2011 on, L1 Association has become more and more interested in interdisciplinary fields of art and cross-genre experiments. Therefore we would like to provide an opportunity for artists with different backgrounds to present their works at our festival, without a certain thematic focus. Similarly to the previous editions, L1danceFest is dedicated to cultural diversity, transgressive power and boundary-breaking experiments. Everything is possible. We are simply curious about human creativity and its innovative power. Technology is also important, but only in conjunction with the person behind it.
Our keywords are: artists’ mobility, exchange of experiences reflecting on the contemporary art scene; participating in exhilarating collaborations, growing closer to each other, and giving ourselves the possibility to SEE, ACCEPT and RESPECT EACH OTHER!

“... I would definitely draw the attention to the importance of L1danceFest, organized by L1 Association. In Hungary, Trafó is nearly the only institution, which can invite international dance performances regularly.  I do not consider this a healthy situation. Therefore, it is important for me to improve this state of the Hungarian dance scene. This festival is important, because it makes works based on different approaches available as well. It is important, because works with different aesthetics and vocabularies can also reach Hungarian audiences and professionals. It is important, because it builds valuable professional relationships between national and international actors of the dance scene. It is important, because this festival has been already recognized in the world.  It is important, because such performances can be seen here, which require an intimacy Trafó cannot provide.
I hope this list is sufficient to underline the importance of a good initiative for all professionals.
Sincerely, and in the hope of being able to attend the festival again,”
György Szabó (2015)

Main organizer: L1 Association
Artistic director and program coordinator: Márta Ladjánszki

Translation and interviews: Zita Sándor (resident of L1 Association 2015, KÖM-member, F. V. scholarship holder of EMMI 2015), Orsolya Bálint (L1-member, KÖM-member)
Hosts: Noémi Anna Kovács, Zsolt Varga (L1-members)
Leader of Talking through V4+ discussions: Orsolya Bálint
Media connection: Szilvia Vég
Lead technician: Ferenc Payer
Lead documentation: Balázs Lajti, Roland Szabó, KNI
Design: Anna Korolovszky
Special thanks to: Ágota Harmati, Lucky Trimmer, Machol Shalem Dance House

Main sponsors: L1 Association, EMMI, NKA

Partners: Italian Institute of Culture in Budapest, Embassy of Denmark Hungary, French Institute in Budapest, Japanese Foundation in Budapest, Slovak Institute in Budapest

Artistic partners: Manier Salon, Mark Molnar, Romani, NUBU, TiCCi Rockabily Clothing

Media partners: fidelio, táncé, színhá

Sponsors of the invited performances: Lucky Trimmer, SÍN Culture Center, Kontakt Budapest Studio, Artus, Filter, Új Előadóművészeti Alapítvány, Cultural Department of the City of Vienna, MA 7 (Vienna), Rental Film Tech, Kino Lucerna, Ministerium für Familie, Kinder, Jugend, Kultur und Sport des Landes NRW, Stadt Köln, Kunststiftung NRW, RheinEnergie Stiftung Kultur, Ministry of Culture of Slovak republic, Foundation Intenda, Skok! (SK), Novy Priestor (SK), Stanica Zilina Zariecie (SK), Zahrada Centrum (SK), Kredance (CZ), Alta Studio (CZ), Derida Dance (BG), Honey Ramka (USA), EU Culture Program 2007-2015, RAW in San Francisco, The Foundry in Berkeley, Centro per la Scena Contemporanea di Bassano del Grappa (I), Operaestate Festival Veneto (I), The Place (UK), Dansateliers (NL), Dance Week Festival (HR), Dansescenen (DK), Teatro Pradillo/Certamen (E), Parc de la Villette, Centre national de la dense, Association Garde Robe

L1danceFest 2015 Program

September 15.
17.00 CEU (Central European University) Japán kert
Ismaera Takeo Ishii (J) Ki Do Ai Raku INGYENES
19.00 MU Színház
Dömötör Judit (H)
Samuel Lefeuvre (FR) monoLOG
Nagy Csilla (H) ÖBÖL

September 16.
17.00 Szlovák Intézet Budapest

19.00 Bakelit M.A.C.
Benjamin Jarrett (USA)
Samuel Lefeuvre (FR) monoLOG
two-women-machine-show (DK) & Jonathan Bonnici (UK) TRANS—

September 17.
19.00 MU Színház
Matthew Rogers (USA)
20.00 MU Színház
Francesca Foscarini (IT)

September 18.
19.00 Marczi Közösségi Tér
(a Nemzeti Táncszínház együttműködésével)
Ilona Pászthy-IPtanz (D) time4
20.30 MU Színház
jaro viňarský & SKOK! & Stanica Žilina-Záriečie (SK) XIRA
jaro viňarský & SKOK! (SK) THE LAST STEP BEFORE

September 19.
11.00 MET Galéria
Judit Kéri (H/A)
THE QUEEN AND THE EGGS closing of the exhibition FREE OF CHARGE
13.00 RS9+ Vallai Kert
Összegzés Tomáš Morávek (CZ)
and the members of KÖM FREE OF CHARGE
17.00 RS9+ Vallai Kert
MATINEE CONCERT with L1-members
- closing ceremony FREE OF CHARGE
Fekete Géza Péter, Horváth Ádám Márton, Kéri Judit, Varga Zsolt

Accompanying events:

September 14—19. K.A.S. Galéria (Hét-Szo 14.00-18.00)
Kéri Judit (H/A) LOVE & WISH LETTERS TO HUNGARY – Kiállítás
MEGNYITÓ: szeptember 14. 17.00

TALKING THROUGH V4+ open discussion led by Bálint Orsolya - every day right after the performances

September 16—október 16. Szlovák Intézet Budapest (Hét-Csüt 10.00-18.00 és Pén 10.00-14.00)
L1-portrait serie by Szabo Roland (H/SK) photo exhibition

September 15—19. MET Galéria (Hét-Pén 14.00-18.00)

September 15-19. PRIVATE
KÖM (Kritikai Önképző Műhely)

September 15-16. 10.00-17.00 PRIVATE
Tomáš Morávek (CZ) fény-workshop

September 15. 11.00-12.30 Magyar Táncművészeti Főiskola Kazinczy utca
Ismaera Takeo Ishii (J) butoh alapú kortárstánc kurzus

September 16. 11.00-12.30 Magyar Táncművészeti Főiskola Kazinczy utca
Jaro Viňarský (SK) kortárstánc kurzus

September 18—20. 13.00—16.00 Zéróplusz Táncstúdió
Kéri Judit (H/A) & Meagan O’Shea (CAN)
workshop entitled WE DON’T NEED ANOTHER HERO

Registration beforehand is needed at

Tickets are available at the festival venues and in the regular ticket offices or online.

Bakelit M.A.C., 1095 Budapest, Soroksári út 164.
CEU, 1051 Budapest, Nádor utca 9.
K.A.S. Galéria, 1114 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 9.
Magyar Táncművészeti Főiskola, 1075 Budapest Kazinczy u. 42-46.
MET Galéria, 1117 Budapest, Bölcső u. 9.
MU Színház, 1117 Budapest, Kőrösy J. u. 17.
Műhely Alapítvány—Trafó Stúdió, 1094 Budapest, Liliom u. 41.
Nemzeti Táncszínáz—Marczi Közösségi Tér
RS9+ Vallai Kert, 1075 Budapest, Rumbach Sebestyén u. 10.
Szlovák Intézet Budapest, 1088 Budapest, Rákóczi út 15.
Zéróplusz Táncstúdió, 1027 Budapest, Jurányi u. 1.

We reserve the right to change the program.