BROCHURE of L1danceFest 2010

IN COLLABORATION WITH Development of New Art (DNA)

We have been organizing our contemporary dance festival for ninth years, providing opportunities for Hungarian and international artists to perform, often times hosting complementary forms of art. We invite you to a festival where you can see dance theatre performances selected by L1 members (Gyula Berger, Márta Ladjánszki).

We carry everything we have invented and developed so far. But this time, it will be different! We would like a more lively festival, with youth and the elderly alike, where the Hungarian and international performers and artists invited by L1 members will take the limelight.

We pay attention to each other!


2010. may 6. opening - BAKELIT M.A.C. at 7:30 pm

Nova sit - Bojan Jablanovec /Via Negativa/ … (Slovenia) Casablanca Therapy - world premier

Rob Longstaff (Australia/Berlin) - concert and welcoming party


2010. may 7. - BAKELIT M.A.C. at 7:30 pm

Ladjánszki Márta (Hungary) Emily&AlicE

Spitfire Company (Czech Republic) The world of condemned


2010. may 8. - BAKELIT M.A.C. at 7:30 pm

Szente Bori (Hungary/Berlin) Just like true adults

Sara Gebran (Denmark) - lecture

Rosana Hribar_Gregor Lustek (Slovenia) duet012


2010. may 9. - GÖDÖR SPICC Theatre at 7 pm

Dominika Knapik (Poland) How do you like me?

Hodworks (Hungary) Supra Hits


2010. may 10. - closing - GÖDÖR SPICC Theatre at 8:30 pm

Towarzystwo Gimnastyczne (Poland) Nothing

Kókai János and Varga Zsolt(Hungary) concert and closing ceremony


Main organizer of L1 Contemporary Dance Festival:

L1 Independent Dancers’ Partnership

Venues of L1 Contemporary Dance Festival: L1 danceLab, Bakelit M.A.C., Gödör Klub

Prize: 1.000 Ft / evening