In 2017 L1danceFest is organized for the 16th time by the L1 Association as its annual main event.
The festival being held since 2002 initially hosted international guests only for one or two days, later it gradually started to extend invitations. In recent years, to our great delight, the festival has evolved to an international dance festival, so far unique in Hungary.

The formerly 10 days long festival has been shortened to a 5 days long run since 2006. However it provided much more possibility for international productions usually in the frame of shared evenings and focused on Hungarian artists’s presence with special attention.

After our anniversary we changed the structure of the festival, we do hope you join us again!

September 21-23. SYMPOSIUM on Performative Arts entitled COLLECTIVITY & INTERDEPENDENCE with invited international guests, performers (with the partnership of CEU and CEU-CAC)
September 24. Performing V4 Biennial CONFERENCE
September 25-27. SHOWCASE PROGRAM OF a SELECTION – SHORT WORKS (max 20 min)

Issuu-site of the festival (with brochures and flyers)

L1danceFest blog-site

September 21. Thursday – CEU
12.00-19.00 symposium 1st day
19.00 Ofir YUDILEVITCH (IL) Gravitas

September 22. Friday – CEU
12.00-19.00 symposium 2nd day
19.00 Vlad BASILICI (RO) It is what it is

September 23. Saturday – CEU
12.00-19.00 symposium 3rd day
19.00 Márta LADJÁNSZKI (H) BY the way OFF

September 24. Sunday – RS9 + Vallai Kert
12.00-17.00 2nd PV4 conference
19.00 Concert Aldridge U. HANSBERRY (USA/FR) with guests: Zsolt VARGA and Ádám JÁVORKA

September 25. Monday – MU Theater
19.00 tanzmobil presentation – Sarah BLUMENFELD (FR) and Mira Lina SIMON (D) (30’)
19.30 showcase program – an evening of short works:
Veronika SZABÓ (H – L1-resident 2017) A kisbaba (20’)
Emese KOVÁCS (H – L1-member) Fragile (10’)

September 26. Tuesday – MU Theater
19.00 előtér: Billy COWIE (SCO) The Revery Alone (loop)
19.30 showcase program – an evening of short works:
Márta LADJÁNSZKI (H – L1-member) statusM 2017-18 (20’) work in progress presentation
István KOVÁCS (H) Learning about death (20’)
Lior LAZAROF (IL – L1-resident 2017) Sometimes I Pour (15’)

September 27. Wednesday – MU Theater
19.00 Borbála BLASKÓ (H – L1-resident 2017) B.A.H.
19.30 showcase program – an evening of short works:
Roxana KÜWEN (D) twenty toes
Nobuyoshi ASAI (J) Nomads
Nastja ŠTEFANIĆ (HR) Etude for viola and midi controller


September 19
19.00 Exhibition opening Roland SZABO (SK/H/CZ): L1-portaits and L1anceFest – my point of view – Bakelit MAC
(The exhibition is open Sept 20-26 daily 10.00-18.00.)

September 25
17.00 Exhibition opening BODY's SLIM 2 – MAMŰ Gallery
Exhibited works:
Réka HARSÁNYI DLA & Dóra Ida SZŰCS & Bálint BOLCSÓ DLA (H) Connected Feelings
Réka SZŰCS (H) Naked Eye
Zsolt KOROKNAI DLA & Márta LADJÁNSZKI(H) Surface-wounds
Andrea LAKAT (H) The nature of power
Helén Sára HORVÁTH (H) Transcendent
(The exhibition is open Sept 25–29 daily 14.00–18.00.)

September 25
9.00 Workshop by Arcadie RUSU (RO) – ZéróPlusz Dance Studio

September 26
10.30 Workshop by Ismaera Takeo ISHII (J) – ZéróPlusz Dance Studio

Main organizer: L1 Association
Artistic director and program curator: Márta Ladjánszki (L1-member)

Host: Zsolt Varga (L1-member)
Talking through V4+ discussion-serie led by Anita BAK.
Translations: Noémi Anna Kovács, Zsolt Varga (L1-members), Tímea Kovács
Main documentation: Balázs Lajti, Roland Szabo (L1-members)

Grafic: Anna Korolovszky